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  1. He was proud of being chosen to participate in the game and he us that he would try as hard as possible. (2003.06)

  A) insured B) guaranteed C) assumed D) assured

  2. Some well-known scientists believe that there is not enough oxygen on Mars to

  human life.

  A) remain B) retain C) sustain D) last

  3. He is easily so I do not like to talk with him.

  A) defended B) afforded C) created D) offended

  4. It took her a long time to the skills she needed to become a driver.

  A) acquire B) request C) require D) inquire.

  5. He asked us to them in carrying through their plan. (2003.12)

  A) provide B) arouse C) assist D) persist


  1. 【D】

  词根sure意为"确定的,安全的";in-(into)+sure=保险,投保(使进入安全状态);as-(=ad-=to) +sure=保证,使确信,常考assure sb. that、assure sb. sth.;as-(=ad-=to)+sume(to take)=担任,假定(拿取衣服、外表、他人物品、思想);guarantee:vt. 保证,担保,guarantee to do sth.。正确答案D,题目译文为:"被选入参加这场比赛,他感到非常骄傲,并向我们保证他会尽可能地努力。"

  2. 【C】

  词根tain意为"保持";re-(back)+tain(to hold)=保持,保留(保留在后方);sus-(up)+tain(to keep)=支撑,维持相关考点词汇:detain拘留,阻止(隔离于另一处)。正确答案C,题目译文为:"许多著名的科学家认为火星上没有足够的氧气来维持人的生命。"

  3. 【D】

  词根fend意为打击;de-(down)+fend(to strike)=保护,辩护;of-(ob-=against)+ fend(to strike)=冒犯,触怒。正确答案D,题目译文为:"他非常容易被激怒,所以我不喜欢和他说话。"

  4. 【A】

  词根quire意为追求;ac-(=ad-=to)+quire(to seek)=获得,习得(求得,取得);re-(again)+quire(to seek)=需求,要求(再度求取);in-(into)+quire(to seek)=询问,调查(深入探求)。正确答案A,题目译文为:"她花了很长时间才学会如何成为一个合格的司机。"

  5. 【C】

  词根sist意为站立;as-(=ad-=to)+sist(stand)= 援助,帮助;per-(though)+sist(to stand)=坚持,固执(始终屹立)。正确答案C,题目译文为:"他让我们帮助他执行这个计划。"


  1. sist=to stand(站立)

  assist v. 出席,援助,帮助【as-(=ad-=to)+sist=站在一旁】

  consist vi. 由……组成,在于,一致【con-(=together)+sist=站在一起】

  persist vi. 坚持,持续【per-(=through)+sist=始终屹立】

  insist v. 坚持,强调【in-(=on)+sist=站在……之上不动】

  resist vt. 抵抗,反抗【re-(=back, against)+sist=站在反方向】

  2. sume=to take(拿取)

  assume vt. 假定,设想,采取,呈现【as-(ad-=to)+sume=拿取衣服、外表、他人物品、想法。名词assumption】

  consume vt. 消耗,消费【con-(=wholly)+sume=完全用尽。名词consumption】

  resume vt. 再继续,重新开始;n. 履历【re-(=again)+sume=重新】

  presume vt. 假定,假设【pre-(before)+sume=比别人先拿】

  3. sur=sure(确定的),secure(安全的)

  assure vt. 断然地说,确告,保证,担保【as-(=ad-=to)+sure=朝向安全】

  ensure vt. 保证,担保,使安全【en-(to cause to be)+sure=使确定,确保,保护,保证】

  insure vt. 给……保险【in-(into)+sure=使进入安全状态】

  4. cess,ceed, cede=to go(去),to yield(让步)

  access ① n. 通路,访问 ② vt. 存取,接近【access】

  process ① n. 过程,作用,方法 ② vt. 加工,处理【pro-(=forward)+cess=向前走】

  excess a. 过度的,额外的【ex-(=out)+cess=走出去了】

  recess v. 暂停【re-(=back, against)+cess=退居】

  5. form=to form(形成)

  inform v. (~ of/about) 通知,告诉,获悉,告知【in-(=into)+form=在里面造成】

  reform ① n. 改革,改善 ② vt. 改革,革新,重新组成【re-(=again)+form=再造形】

  transform v. 转换,改变,改造【trans-(=across)+form=移转形状】

  perform vt. 履行,执行,表演【per-(through)+form=完全的造形】

  6. ject=to throw(投,掷)

  eject vt. 逐出,撵出【e- (=out)+ject=向外投】

  inject vt. 注射,注入【in-(=on)+ject=投掷进来】

  object v. 反对,拒绝【ob-(=before)+ject=被掷于眼前的东西】

  project ① n. 计划,方案 ② v. 设计,计划,投射,放映【pro-(=forward)+ject=投掷到前方】

  reject vt. 拒绝,抵制,否决【re-(=back)+ject=投掷回去】

  7. spect=to see, to look(看见)

  inspect vt. 检查,视察【in-(=on)+spect=窥视内部】

  respect vt. 尊敬,尊重【re-(=against)+spect=一再注视】

  prospect ① n. 景色,前景,前途,期望;② vi. 寻找,勘探【pro-(=forward)+spect =看前方】

  suspect v. 怀疑,猜想【sus-(=-sub=under)+spect=猜疑外表之下的东西】

  expect vt. 期待,预期【ex-(=out)+pect=等待着向外看出去】

  8. tain=to hold, to keep(保持)

  contain vt. 包含,容纳,容忍【con-(=with)+tain=保护】

  maintain vt. 维持,维修【main-(=manus=hand)+tain=保有于手掌中】

  retain vt. 保持,保留【re-(=back)+tain=保留在后方】

  sustain vt. 支撑,撑住,维持,持续【sus-(=up)+tain=拿起,举起】


  Almost 55,000 people who have had a major impact on British society are profiled (记录)in a new 60-volume book that has taken 12 years to compile. It has cost more than £25m and taken 10,000 writers to update the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.

  1. impact: n. 碰撞,冲击,冲突,影响,效果

  【固定搭配】impact on对……产生影响。a speech that lacked impact 毫无影响力的演说

  2. compile: v. 编辑,汇编 com-(together)+pile(heap) 汇集在一起。

  They are compiling a dictionary of new words. 他们正在编写一部新词的词典。

  3. update: verb. 校正,更新,up-(aloft)+date = update

  【单词变形】updated(a. 最新的); The immigration information booklet is updated yearly. 移民信息的小册子每年都会更新。

  1. In spite of the age-old prejudice, the attitudes towards working women have been

  little by little.

  A) formed B) informed

  C) reformed D) transformed

  2. Professor Taylor's talk has indicated that science has a very strong on the

  everyday life of non-scientists as well as scientists. (1998.06)

  A) motivation B) perspective C) impression D) impact

  3. We may be able to you in some way if you can not finish your work on time.

  A) resist B) insist C) assist D) disease

  4. Despite the rising inflation, many investors are still confident that the economy will be soon out of the .

  A) concession B) recession

  C) procession D) succession

  5. The government's frequent in the local commerce was widely criticized.

  A) conference B) interference

  C) inference D) reference

  6. Federal Energy administration two officials to join the program together with the representative from the three major automakers.

  A) assigned B) designed C) resigned D) signed

  7. If their idols show impoliteness and indifference to others in the TV series, the children will that this kind of behavior is acceptable.

  A) assure B) assume C) consume D) resume

  8. General Motors spent three years the design of its new pick-up trucks.

  A) confining B) defining

  C) refining D) confirming

  9. According to the , the employees who are injured on the job will be given favorable compensation.

  A) contact B) contract C) contrast D) context

  10. The mother her worried daughter that everything had been arranged for the wedding ceremony.

  A) assumed B) assured C) ensured D) insured

  You can see it, but you can't touch it. It may disappear, but has never really left you. It grows throughout the day. What is it?







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